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You manage your company, but you should think to yourself “is there an accountant near me that I can hire?”.  Let us handle the bookkeeping and make everything easier for you, so you can focus on your business.

We take pride in offering small business owners expert financial services in accounting, consulting, and taxation at Your Part Time Accountant.

Our accountants’ expertise and knowledge are something we take great pride in. Our team has the skills necessary to perform the right accounting procedures for both private persons and organizations. Our recommendations are tailored to your needs and those of your company.
We follow the SAT requirements, behave lawfully, and are transparent.

While you concentrate on boosting sales, let us handle the accounting duties.

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Nearby CPAs

We pair you up with an accountant who is knowledgeable about your state and sector.

Focus Freedom

Get your time back. Get unlimited assistance from a CPA and quick access to the solutions you require.

Total Tax Refund

When we handle your taxes, we promise to provide your company with every dime it is due.

Keeping Track of Everything

Get live answers to your questions from a small business tax specialist, as well as:

  • Schedule a time for us to call you.
  • Tell us about your company's current state.
  • Find an accountant who is familiar with the rules in your area and your sector
  • Speak with a CPA right away. Learn more about our offerings and potential tax savings for your company.

Do You Fear IRS Compliance? Be at Ease

We have qualified accountants on staff that are familiar with your region’s rules and laws and have worked in your sector before.

You won’t ever have to worry about compliance again with our team on your side because everything you require is located here.

You can take advantage of assistance with taxes, bookkeeping, payroll, and other aspects of small business accounting.

Your Part Time Accountant Team

A global network of independent advice and accounting firms, our company only has professionals. We are committed to assisting clients in expanding and have a history of innovation and teamwork.

Although our members are well-established locally and have strong ties to their communities, they also maintain tight relationships with experts from around the globe. We assist clients as they expand locally, nationally, and internationally, making sure that every location offers a consistently superior customer experience and attentive care.

We can talk about employment law, tax compliance, VAT registration, and guidance on multi-jurisdictional tax issues. Let us be of assistance!

Entrepreneurs tend to work on their businesses rather than merely in them. Although you are working on today, your attention is primarily on tomorrow and the day after that.

Do you want to provide quality service? Grow. Increase return and turnover. A reliable partner is welcome in helping you achieve all of your hopes, aspirations, and objectives. Your Part Time Accountant’s consultants, accountants, lawyers, and tax experts share your way of thinking.

You must optimize your payroll and finance operations in the modern, complex economic climate because completing legal obligations is no longer adequate. This calls for adaptable, innovative, and economical business solutions that give you the data you need to manage your company successfully.

Your Part Time Accountant, one of the top accounting and consulting organizations, is devoted to offering client financial management, payroll accounting, and related advisory services. This is done in response to the needs of our clients.

How We Can Assist

Your Part Time Accountant may offer you individually specialized services in these areas regardless of the challenges the client may be facing or the needs it may have regarding its payroll or finance function. The client’s performance is our priority.

Our bookkeeping staff can assist with the setup and maintenance of the financial accounting function as well as with the timely processing of data and the creation of financial and tax reports that satisfy local accounting and tax regulations as well as management standards. Clients who use our accounting outsourcing services have access to a team of qualified accountants, improved financial services accuracy and efficiency, as well as cost and risk reduction. Compliance, effectiveness, secrecy, and financial performance are our goals.

These are the services that we provide:

  • Accounting for Finance Management Reporting
  • Outsourcing Payroll
  • Administrative Assistance

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It’s simple to get started, and it won’t cost you a dime.

  1. Make an appointment with one of our in-house Payroll Service experts.
  2. Tell us what is that your company needs, and if you don’t know – let’s figure it out together!
  3. We’ll pair you with a professional financial advisor who will work with you as long as you need.

What We Offer

The accounting team at Your Part Time Accountant is made up of certified public accountants with years and years of relevant expertise in a variety of accounting fields, including IT construction real estate agriculture manufacturing trade transportation, and many more industries.

We can offer you a complete range of services, including:

  • Accounts payable
  • Ledger general
  • Maintaining the books for the ongoing business
  • Determining profit and loss
  • Controlling tax and payroll services

In addition to accountant near me services, Your Part Time Accountant offers a range of bookkeeping services, including maintaining records by legal requirements; recording daily transactions by IFRS; maintaining records by accounting principles and regulations; and more.

We can also help with registering inventory financial bookkeeping an inventory every month, managing assets register, bank reconciliation, and many other things.

Payroll Solutions

Within the payroll service, Your Part Time Accountant can give customers the following options:

  • Payroll computation by the relevant laws
  • Filing of tax returns by every employee
  • The hiring and firing of personnel
  • Tax and social contribution efficiency
  • The annual personal income tax calculation
  • Labor relations: preparation of labor contracts with employees
  • The development of internal labor regulations and other required actions
  • Administrative assistance for your company

Along with the previously stated accounting and bookkeeping services, our experts may assist you with other administrative support services like:

  • Administrative services linked to a commercial bank that provides payment services on your behalf.
  • Creation of transfer and payment orders as well as services related to money transfers
  • Putting together travel orders for travel costs
  • Gathering daily reports from business banks
  • Interaction and collaboration with governmental agencies and other administrative services that would help you manage your firm successfully.
  • As part of accounting and bookkeeping services, reporting services

Although accounting and bookkeeping are among the key services that we as an accounting firm offer to our clients, the reporting component is essential from a commercial standpoint.

We have established methods that allow our customers to have real-time reporting and an instant “business pulse,” which is crucial in today’s constantly-evolving industry. This enables us to be a value-added partner to our clients.

Several of the reports we offer each month are as follows:

  • Income statement – On the one hand, the income statement will be given by the function, and on the other, it will be presented by the nature of expenses.
  • Twice a year, balance sheet
  • Depending on your needs, other business reports

Each quarter, we offer:

  • Trial and balance
  • Income declaration
  • Balance sheets
  • Ageing Debtors’ balance
  • Declaration of provisions

Every year, we provide:

  • Preparation of financial statements by statutory requirements
  • Preparation of the income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, and notes by IFRS standards
  • Expired debtor balance

This is the appropriate text for you if you’re looking for accounting services or an accountant nearby and aren’t familiar with domestic legal requirements, how to choose a bookkeeper you can trust, how bookkeeping agencies operate, or many other fascinating things.

For this reason, it’s beneficial to have a reliable friend or relative that you may turn to with any questions. Most frequently, these are regional accounting firms or local authorities. The secret is trust! Partner earns your trust by actions, communication, accuracy, and sufficient information.

Returning to our original issue, after finding a partner, forming a company, and deciding whether or not to trust a local partner, the next step is to search for an “accountant near me” and hire the best one – Your Part Time Accountant!

Laws Governing Bookkeeping

The Law on Accounting provides the fundamental guidelines for establishing an accounting system.

Legal entities, branches, and business owners must maintain records and compile, present, submit, and disclose financial statements by applicable laws, industry standards, and company policies.

Groupings of Legal Entities

Legal entities are categorized by the Law on Accounting as:

  • minuscule, medium, and big

On the day the standard annual financial statement for the business year is prepared, business income and the average value of operating assets are determined.

According to the aforementioned criterion, external audits are a must for all medium and large firms. Additionally, small businesses with revenues greater than USD 4.4 million are subject to audit.

Local Chart of Account "Internal Guide for the Annual Asset and Liability Inventory"

The journal, main ledger, and subsidiary ledgers are examples of required books. Typical annual statements consist of:

  • Balance sheets
  • Income declaration
  • The flow of Funds Statement
  • One more detailed income statement
  • Statement regarding equity changes
  • Financial statements' notes

IFRS Implementation

For item recognition, assessment, presentation, and disclosure in the financial statements of the following:

  • small entities – voluntary,
  • medium entities – voluntary,
  • large entities – mandatory,

Regardless of their size, public companies or businesses that are getting ready to go public must comply with capital market regulations.

The recognition, measurement, presentation, and disclosure of assets and liabilities in the financial statements of small and medium-sized legal organizations are governed by IFRS for SMEs.

The use of IFRS rather than IFRS for SMEs may also be chosen by medium-sized legal entities. In that instance, medium-sized businesses constantly adopt IFRS, unless the Law on Accounting reduces their legal status to that of a small business.

The MICR and other legal entities, regardless of their size, must adhere to secondary legislation passed by the minister in charge of financial affairs, which must be based on generally accepted accounting principles, for the recognition, evaluation, presentation, and disclosure of items in individual financial statements. That is the rulebook for micro and other entities’ recognition of assets, liabilities, revenues, and costs.

Additionally, regardless of their size, micro and other legal entities may opt to use IFRS for SMEs or IFRS. In that situation, IFRS for SMEs is regularly applied by micro and other legal entities, regardless of their size.

Both internal and external organizations can manage bookkeeping.

Internal Accounting

In reality, all major corporations set up internal bookkeeping over time. Typically, they begin by hiring companies that offer bookkeeping services.

Advantages of internal accounting include easier management and increased access. As well as greater responsibility, better communication (but not necessarily), higher costs, etc.

Internal bookkeeping optimization (chart of accounts, IAS/IFRS, accounting software optimization, legislation compliance) is one of the services offered by Your Part Time Accountant near me.

External Accounting (Bookkeeping Services)

Small and medium-sized (non-manufacturing) businesses frequently choose to employ an outside “accountant near me” to handle their bookkeeping needs.

Everywhere, there are many different bookkeeping firms. It is possible to identify particular organizations that offer superior and subpar services. That applies everywhere, right? Others perform their duties better than they do, and vice versa.

The good news is that there is substantially less chance of error and neglect because the Law on Accounting calls for stronger monitoring of bookkeeping services and mandates that agencies hire certified accountants.

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It’s simple to get started, and it won’t cost you a dime.

  1. Make an appointment with one of our in-house Payroll Service experts.
  2. Tell us what is that your company needs, and if you don’t know – let’s figure it out together!
  3. We’ll pair you with a professional financial advisor who will work with you as long as you need.

What Services Can You Get From an Accounting Firm?

The variety of services you will receive also relies on which bookkeeping agency you select, what its area of work is, and how much you are ready to spend.

You can utilize the following services if you engage Your Part Time Accountant:

  • Services about bookkeeping, financial management, and other support services for the company’s inception
  • Compilation of internal acts and documentation by applicable rules implementation of internal processes and controls compliance with IFRS and the Accounting Law
  • Appropriately determine employee pay; prepare balance sheets, income statements, cash flows, and other reports on a weekly, quarterly, and annual basis for management and legal requirements.

Services IAS 19

  • All tax returns and balances are prepared and submitted.
  • GDP's support in making optimal hiring decisions (HR)
  • Services for tax consultation and transfer pricing

Business Advice

Here we want to emphasize that the purpose of presenting the services offered by Your Part Time Accountant is not, for the most part, to advertise and promote our business, but rather to provide a clear illustration of all the services that a professional bookkeeping firm ought to offer.

We Have an Impact

Your Part Time Accountant can assist you with the following services if you are just getting started:

  • whether to open a branch
  • offer accounting and bookkeeping services
  • handle personnel issues including payroll and HR

The Service Charge for Bookkeeping

You will agree that because particular numbers depend on several circumstances, discussing them in this section is neither possible nor professional.

The most practical approach is to consider how bookkeeping and other services are typically priced.

About all the services mentioned above, the costs can typically be fixed (monthly), variable, disposable, or one-time, depending on the details of your contract with the service provider.

For services like bookkeeping, legal compliance, monthly/quarterly reporting of the client, etc., fixed prices are typically agreed upon; they primarily depend on the volume of received and issued invoices, the number of employees, revenues, etc.

Variable fees are taken into account when determining salaries, placing payment orders, submitting personal tax returns, etc.

The establishment of a company, the provision of transfer pricing services, the provision of various advisory services, GDPR services, the preparation of various contracts, the preparation of final reports (final balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, etc.), the preparation of tax balances, etc., are the most frequent subjects of one-time fees.

This classification is merely an illustration. Everything relies on the exact terms of your contract with the bookkeeping service, your requirements, and your financial capacity.

What Are the Steps Involved in Offering Bookkeeping Services?

Digitalization has reached its peak. The use of information technology is spreading around the world, especially in the US.

It makes perfect sense that the accountant and the client communicate electronically, most frequently using e-mail or other programs designed specifically for communication.

There are numerous ways to deliver the documents to the bookkeeper (for recording in the company books):

  • Via mail (in person or electronically) – a little antiquated but never out of style by attaching online (currently the most current)
  • The bookkeeping firm is then required to process all of the paperwork that was provided, carry out all duties outlined in the contract, and then tell the client of the work completed.

In the US, the state administration is mostly automated, access is simple, and you may monitor your accountant’s activity at any time, at least in the area related to submitting the necessary paperwork to state authorities.

The likelihood of error, delay, and undesired circumstances is reduced if effective contact is established with the bookkeeper and if both the client and the bookkeeper take their jobs seriously and promptly.

How Do I Pick the Best Bookkeeping Firm?

Who should I trust with my books? How can one be certain they made the proper decision? What if your decision was a mistake?

There is no set method or recipe that can help you find the ideal companion.

The following factors should be taken into account when hiring a bookkeeping company:

  • The breadth of services provided, first impressions of a partner, and initial commitment
  • A wish to dedicate to your website’s staff feedback from users who have already used a certain company’s services, etc.

You’ve seen that the cost is not stated. The most costly chocolate is not necessarily the best, just as it need not imply that cheaper chocolate is the worst.

You should hunt for further proposals, carefully weigh them, compare them, schedule additional meetings, and then make a decision.

There is only one certainty. Don’t only consider how you may get by more cheaply; accounting is not something to take lightly, and the penalties imposed by the law are not insignificant, that much is certain.

We both agreed that the best chocolate need not be the most expensive.


We intend that we can help you at least slightly familiarize yourself with accounting services and perhaps even aid you in selecting a partner, such as a local accountant.

Do not be misled! You still have to get active even if you hire someone to assist you with keeping your company’s books and to offer you advice. You can only be compliant with the law and be able to sleep easily if you work well together and communicate effectively.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to find a reliable partner or if you have any questions about bookkeeping, taxes, finance, transfer pricing, or other related topics.

To help you, even more, we are going to explain the basics to you.

What Is an Accountant Near Me?

To provide bookkeeping and accounting services for your company, an accounting firm has to have fully qualified personnel on hand. It creates financial records so you can keep tabs on your receipts and outlays. It can also arrange your processes and controls so that records are preserved properly, and it can provide tax preparation services to assist you in completing tax returns and provide you advice on how to lower your tax obligations. With cash flow forecasts and recommendations on how to manage your capital, accounting firms may assist you with your long-term planning for an additional fee.

Online accounting businesses connect clients to their services through an online platform by utilizing advanced data encryption and communications technology. Data and documents from the sources can be uploaded to cloud storage, where they are accessible from any place.

Firms often charge a predetermined monthly amount for their services, which helps a business organize its budget. Pay-for-performance billing may apply to some services.

Who Needs Accounting Firms?

The cost of not outsourcing bookkeeping and accounting might be devastating to organizations that are growing. This occurs when the internal performance of the functions obstructs crucial corporate expansion operations. You can spend less time marketing your company, cultivating customer relationships, and engaging in other business development activities for every hour you spend on bookkeeping or accounting. The cost to your company in terms of missed possibilities for growth eventually becomes incalculable. When such occurs, you should consider outsourcing your accounting task.

When there is a need to hire an accounting firm, keep in mind that that means your company is expanding faster than you can manage your cash flow effectively.

  • You must obtain bank financing to raise capital.
  • You must write a strong business plan.
  • When you require guidance about the legal framework of your company
  • When you require assistance with tax preparation

How Do You Select a CPA Firm?

Working with an accounting firm that specializes in small businesses is vital because they have a wider range of demands than individuals do, and it’s even better if they have expertise working with companies in your industry.

Another key factor is the cost. Depending on the degree of service your company requires and your budget, the cost of outsourcing these tasks must make sense for your company. Because there are more tasks to complete, you should prepare to spend more on accounting services as a business than you would as an individual.

It would be good to work with a company that makes use of the same software if you already use accounting or bookkeeping software. Numerous businesses allow for various software programs. The accounting firm will suggest a software package if you don’t already use one.

Finally, consider the variety of services provided. Even while you may only require account reconciliation services right now, you’ll eventually need to add financial and cash flow management services. You can pay more than necessary at this point of your business if a company only offers a bundle that contains services you don’t require.

Costs of Accounting Firms

Businesses can plan their spending with the aid of online accounting firms, which are normally paid every month. The level of services you require determines the monthly charge for many businesses. A starting plan that includes regular bookkeeping, account reconciliation, and financial report writing is available for as little as $150 per month. For $300 to $500 a month, you can choose a mid-tier package from some companies that include cash flow management, accounts payable and receivable, and spending tracking.

Many businesses that have flat monthly rates additionally provide tax preparation services for an additional fixed annual fee of between $750 and $900. Some companies charge an additional $40 to $80 per month for payroll services. As you know, there are other payment options besides a monthly cost, including hourly, pay-for-performance, and prices based on the volume of monthly transactions. In every situation, it’s crucial to do the math to determine what rate or style of invoicing is practical for your company.

Frequently asked questions

Bookkeeping provides a detailed overview of where your money is coming from (and going.) When your books are up to date, you get a clear picture of your company’s health and can make more informed financial decisions. Your bookkeeper is in charge of reconciling your accounts, categorizing your transactions, and preparing your financial statements. They also make changes to your records to ensure that they are tax-compliant.

Your bookkeeper may need your help on occasion, such as properly categorizing a transaction, but we try to keep bookkeeping as hands-off as possible for you.

You can also schedule a call with your bookkeeper at any time. We don’t charge any extra cost or charge by the hour for support, and we’re always delighted to talk about bookkeeping and financial statements.

If you choose our dedicated bookkeeping service, a bookkeeper with experience in your business and an understanding of the area where you operate will be assigned to you.

We don’t and will never outsource your bookkeeping.

Your Part Time Accountant experts have combined experience in assisting thousands of small business entrepreneurs. Our crew understands how to meet your company’s specific bookkeeping demands, and they do so very successfully.

Easy! Click Here to fill out the form, or contact us at 347-328-3722 and We will schedule a meeting to discuss your business needs and how can we work together to grow your company.

Yes, we do! To find out more contact us and schedule your free call.

While they are frequently conflated, bookkeeping and accounting are two separate functions in the operation of a firm. The function of bookkeeping is to document and manage transaction records. Accounting, on the other hand, is the process of examining and interpreting documentation to convert it into useful information. While bookkeepers keep track of the information needed to complete your taxes, it’s more than probable that an accountant will prepare and file your taxes.

Yes, we can! As a service, we provide catch-up bookkeeping. We can get you caught up quickly no matter how far behind you are – even if you’re years behind. That means more time for your business and less concern about meeting deadlines.

Your Part Time Accountant has you covered, even if you’re missing documents or have disorganized records. We’ve dealt with months or years of difficult historical bookkeeping before.

Yes! Your plan includes assistance. Your financial advisor is there to answer any queries you may have. We aim to respond to all inquiries within one business day. For additional information, see our price page.