Can a Personal Loan Provide Assistance in a Crisis?

Choosing the best loan for your needs and being aware of your options is crucial, especially in times of difficulty. Many Americans got government-issued stimulus cheques that helped them recover from the COVID-19 crisis’s economic blow. For some, the financial aid was a welcome one, but it might not have gone far enough for others. A personal loan could fill the financial shortfall. Unsecured personal loans start at about $1,000. And are offered by various banks, credit unions, and online lenders. Some lenders fund loans the same day or the following day.

But is now the right time to apply for a personal loan? In normal circumstances, you would base your decision mostly on the interest rate. And to find the best rate, you would compare personal loans from other lenders. There are more things to ask now that some lenders are tightening qualification requirements and wages are less stable.

Can I Obtain an Unsecured Loan?

Some lenders have raised their minimum credit score and income requirements. All in response to the crisis, which makes it more challenging for some borrowers to be approved for a loan or receive a low rate. Additionally, it indicates that it is now more crucial than ever to compare loans.

  • Credit unions: Credit unions take into account your membership status and credit history. In addition to your credit score and income. The maximum permissible annual percentage rate on credit union loans is 18%. And they often offer loans with more lenient terms than banks or online lenders.
  • Payday alternative loans are modest installment loans that are available from some credit unions. These loans are governed by the National Credit Union Association and have interest rates that cannot exceed 28%.
  • Internet lenders. The likelihood of receiving a personal loan from an online lender is higher for borrowers who have a reliable source of income and good credit (690 or higher FICO).
  • Bank lenders. Banks typically have strict credit and income requirements for those who aren’t customers. But if your bank is one of those that provides personal loans, you could be able to have access to better terms and other benefits.

Is Getting a Personal Loan Wise?

A personal loan is typically a smart decision if it helps you better your financial situation. And you can commit to repaying it without straining your budget. For instance, a debt consolidation loan can help you pay off debt more quickly by combining high-interest obligations into a single payment.

Even during a financial emergency, a personal loan should only be utilized as a last resort to cover pricey expenditures. Stuff like rent, utilities, or medical expenses.

However, since unsecured personal loans can be used for anything, it can make sense to consider one. Especially if you have an urgent need for cash due to a large, unforeseen expense. In this situation, look for a loan with a rate and monthly payments that you feel comfortable making over the course of the loan. Your credit score might suffer greatly if you default on a personal loan, and a debt collector may sue you.

What Are Some Borrowing Alternatives?

Credit cards with 0% interest rates are an alternative for people with good or excellent credit. You won’t pay interest if you pay off the balance on this credit card within the promotional period. Which is typically 12 to 18 months. But after that, the card can have a hefty interest rate.

Community resources. In your state, financial support may be available for nonprofits, charities, and religious institutions.

Payment schedules. If your medical expenses are mounting, consider creating a payment plan or asking a medical bill advocate for assistance.

Lending circles. A lending circle could be a way for neighbors and friends to support one another when circumstances are hard.

Avoid payday loans whenever possible, even in an emergency. Payday loans often have two-week payback terms and annual percentage rates that can soar past 300%. So borrowers may end up owing much more and having to make more difficult financial decisions than they did before taking out the loan. To find out more, contact our professionals right away.