eCommerce Business Tips for Maximum Productivity

If you run an eCommerce business, it feels like there’s always something on your to-do checklist that needs to be done. It can sometimes get stressful, and you may feel overwhelmed. Running your own company has never been easy, so you need to have everything planned ahead.

But don’t worry too much, we are here to assist you with any task!

To help you make the most of every moment, here are some of the top eCommerce business tips for maximum productivity.

What Is a Business Hack?

The phrase “hack” is everywhere these days. It can refer to anything from generic advice to a specific tip, ranging from technology hacks to life hacks to development hacks.

A business hack, in our context, is a fast suggestion or method for saving time or increasing efficiency. Whatever you call them, hacks can help you develop your business while also saving you time and resources. Outside of your business, you can use these as personal and professional hacks. It doesn’t hurt.

Although a few minutes saved now and then may not seem like a lot, they add up quickly. Consider switching a task twice a week that saves you fifteen minutes. That’s well over one and a half hours saved over the course of a month. It adds up to 28 hours over the course of a year.

Here’s a list of some of our top time-saving and automation business hacks for your eCommerce or other small business.

Keep Track of Your Time

Many entrepreneurs lose hours each day without even realizing it. RescueTime, a free time monitoring program, is ideal for managing your time tracking so you can obtain quick data on the sites and apps you’re using and how many minutes you’re spending on them.

Time tracking is important to guarantee that you aren’t spending time without realizing it. You can utilize time monitoring to hold each other responsible if you have a co-founder.

Reach Your Customers

Over the last few years, automated email systems have gone a long way. Consumer email addresses are crucial for expanding your existing customers and increasing repeat business.

With timed email series following signup or purchase and other email marketing tools, you may automate the full outreach process.
A great eCommerce business digital marketing must include these. You may maximize your sales while decreasing your hustle by using remarketing and other ads targeted at the proper target population.

Go With the 80/20 Principle

The Pareto Principle, sometimes known as the 80/20 Rule, states that 20% of your efforts provide 80% of your results, while the remaining 80% of your work produces just 20% of your results.

Businesses who know what they’re doing seek for the 80/20 rule to see where they may double down on their efforts for greater success. Remove what isn’t functioning and focus on what produces the best results. You should see better outcomes if you concentrate on and repeat your rising successes.

Low-value Projects – Outsource Them

You should not squander your time as the founder and specialist on simple and low-value jobs and projects.

Consider hiring a freelancer, part-time worker, or someone through a site like Fiverr or Upwork to do it for you. It will allow you to focus on more valuable tasks that only you can perform.
You may be able to eliminate some duties entirely if they don’t create a new business or improve your business in other ways.

What are the Best Project Management Tools?

Do you keep a to-do list in your inbox? There are some good to-do list apps that track chores better than your email or balance everything in your head.

Two well-known solutions are Asana and Trello. Employing an assistant to take telephone calls and messages can help you avoid being distracted by notifications. A virtual assistant and project management software can help you increase your productivity.

Put it on your to-do list whenever you remember something that has to be done or an email that needs to be followed up on and clear your thoughts so you can focus on what you’re doing.

Automation experts use tools and software to quickly send emails to users’ to-do lists.

Think About Hiring a Professional

If you’re harmed and require bandages, you’re probably going to see a doctor rather than attempting to stop bleeding yourself. The same should be true in areas of your organization if you lack the necessary expertise (or time). Accounting, finance, and taxes are just a few of the areas where small business owners should seek assistance.

Attorneys, scientists, computer programmers, content marketing professionals, and SEO managers are a few other roles that could be beneficial to eCommerce enterprises, depending on what you do. Having this in mind, one of your professionals might come up with business ideas to help you significantly increase your revenues. For further information, see this outsourcing guide.

Take It Easy

You may build up your company hacking approach over time and experience good compounding outcomes if you start out small and go step by step.

Of course, don’t spend so much time automating that you overlook other aspects of your company. Furthermore, you need to maintain a balanced business approach to hacks to avoid them becoming time wasters rather than time savings.

How Can Your Part Time Accountant Help?

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