Management Consultancy Services

Management Consultancy Services

We provide management consultancy to help organizations improve performance and efficiency. These professionals analyze businesses and create solutions while also helping companies meet their goals.
Various consulting and training services are available based on your business needs.

We also offer Workers Comp resolution!

  • Providing Expertise in a Specific Market
  • Identifying Problems
  • Supplementing Existing Staff
  • Initiating Change
  • Providing Objectivity
  • Teaching and Training Employees
  • Doing the “Dirty Work,” like Eliminating Staff
  • Reviving an Organization
  • Creating a New Business

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  3. We’ll pair you with a professional financial advisor who will work with you as long as you need.

What Will Your Business Get With Management Consultancy Services?

Revolutionize the way your company operates and observe how it affects your revenue and profits.

Also, you can streamline and improve the way you work by aligning your business strategy and objectives with personnel, procedures, technologies, and analytics. And, of course, as your strategic ally, we’ll be with you every inch of the way.

The influence of important organizational, operational, or technical shifts is experienced at all levels of a company. This leads to a highly engaged and productive staff, streamlined procedures, automated processes, and cost reductions. Furthermore, it gives you a clear path towards creativity to drive your company into the future with the proper direction and leadership.

Why Choose Your Part Time Accountant?

You will get all of the advantages of working with an experienced company without the big-business atmosphere. However, as one might expect from a local company, your employees will receive the care and individual service and support they deserve.

We collaborate closely with clients to solve complicated business challenges, complete specific projects, and improve overall performance.

We use three basic concepts in every relationship:

  • An evaluation of your company’s current situation.
  • Collaborate with you to choose where you go in the future.
  • To close the gap, meaningful and pragmatic advice and solutions are provided.

Schedule a Free Call

It’s simple to get started, and it won’t cost you a dime.

  1. Make an appointment with one of our in-house Payroll Service experts.
  2. Tell us what is that your company needs, and if you don’t know – let’s figure it out together!
  3. We’ll pair you with a professional financial advisor who will work with you as long as you need.

What Is Included in Management Consultancy Services?

Cost transformation, mergers, and acquisitions, workers’ compensation resolutions, strategy, and training of employees are just the tip of the iceberg. We provide a range of finance and accounting consulting services to assist your immediate needs while also preparing you for the future.

Additionally, we have several solutions to help you with your growth strategy and overall business optimization.

Exceptional Experience

You’ll be collaborating with the best. With more than 20 years of experience, our team has built many businesses.

Financial Assistance Tailored to Your Needs

We design complex financial solutions that are focused on your company and growth stage. Also, we provide insights and knowledge across industries.

Help With Your Budget

You’ll get proven, trusted specialists to help you unlock development, whether you require budgeting or fundraising aid.

Training and Handling Staff

We’ll do all of this for your business and more. Moreover, even do the “dirty work” like eliminating staff and other HR responsibilities.

What We Offer

Owners of small and mid-size businesses use management consultancy services for advice on a variety of topics, including strategy and organizational issues. Our team will help you build a new strategic plan in order to achieve more growth, or provide advice on cost-cutting or innovation techniques.

Implementing the offered solutions is also one of our responsibilities, and in fact, the implementation side of consulting is where management consultants make all the difference. Additionally, improvements to business processes, the introduction of new IT systems, the outsourcing of non-core work, and supply chain optimization are all possible with Your Part Time Accountant.

More on Our Consultancy Services

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the process of creating a plan that will lead a company’s key initiatives. It frequently focuses on the business requirements and the IT solutions to meet such criteria. Eventually, strategic planning leads to practices that improve process efficiency, market response, and revenue.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is a continuous and forward-looking process in leadership strategy that lays out a precise approach for company objectives, initiatives, and aspirations through its personnel.

In order to maintain organizational stability in mission-critical jobs, the process includes evaluating future employee requirements, determining essential capabilities, and reviewing, training, and preserving a team of skilled individuals.

Organizational Development

Internal resources (workers, personnel) and internal procedures (policies, business strategy) are developed to support an organization’s mission and goals.


The process of preparing and running a successful conference is a facilitation in business. Any group that is gathering to discuss a shared objective, such as reaching a decision, coming up with solutions, or just sharing ideas and knowledge, might benefit from facilitation.

Business Change Management

In order to succeed in business nowadays, you need to evolve and implement changes into your business structure. If you do not manage these appropriately, you can risk losing your entire company.

Your Part Time Accountant Approach to Consultancy

Our plan is organized on three different lines of work: expertise, methodology, and finance. So, our strategy is flexible, cooperative, and fast-paced.

Regularly, the work channels communicate to guarantee that each channel is well-informed and well-coordinated. Only through this simultaneous, collaborative relationship, we believe, your company’s transformation for the better will be fast and effective.

Worker Compensation Services

Workers’ Compensation Services is in charge of regulating the workers’ compensation system, resolving disputes, and providing education about it.

This involves monitoring companies’ compliance and productivity, as well as assessing self-insurance requests and resolving disputes, such as reviewing insurers’ choices and handling appeals.

Providing business owners with education and knowledge to guarantee a fair and effective plan that combines the demands of workers and businesses while also easing the return to work following an injury.

HR Consulting

HR consulting includes advising and implementing services relating to a company’s core HR management. However,  the range of services covers everything from human resources strategy to the planning and implementation of a salary and benefits system to HR department restructuring.

Frequently asked questions

Small and mid-size businesses, in particular, might benefit greatly from this insight since they might not be quite as comfortable with the business world like others in the field. If you are not sure that this endeavor is the right thing for your company, contact us today and let us answer any questions you might have.

Easy! Click Here to fill out the form, or contact us at 347-328-3722 and We will schedule a meeting to discuss your business needs and how can we work together to grow your company.

Yes, we do! To find out more contact us and schedule your free call.

Our management consultancy services are flexible, focused, and adaptable, allowing us to address a wide range of issues.

To produce the optimal situation for your objectives, we combine organizational planning, enterprise resource planning, instructional strategies, and training programs.

Whilst we tailor almost everything to your specific needs and objectives, a typical consultancy job begins and is structured in the following manner:

  • Meeting(s) with you to discuss your objectives and the organization’s present difficulties.
  • We’ll sign a mutual NDA if we need more sensitive details and knowledge about your business before or during the creation of a quote.
  • Our team will put together an offer with an SOW (description of the project), cost, deadlines, and any alternatives or suggestions.
  • We’ll add you to our platforms for greater coordination once the project plan has been agreed upon (if applicable). A frequent communication strategy and progress tracking will also be part of the package.
  • Your Part Time Account puts our talent to work for you and your company.

No. No one can give that promise (and if they do, it’s a smart option to flee as swiftly as possible).

A solid plan is necessary, but this will not get you funded on its own. Our team will do their best to assist you in your preparation, but we have no influence over how well you market yourself to financiers or respond to their questions.

We can guide and advise you, but it’s ultimately your business, so you must seal the deal.