Suggestions for 2022’s Small Business Saturday Promotion

One of three occasions that marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season is Small Business Saturday. It aims to persuade customers to support the companies that serve as the pillars of their communities rather than the Walmarts and Amazons of the world. Every year, on the Saturday following Black Friday, which is November 26 this year, small business Saturday is held.

Small company owners need to be ready to take advantage of opportunities on this crucial day. The extra income enables firms to finish the holiday season strong, launching them into a successful new year. Check out these fantastic Small Business Saturday ideas to help spread the word and engage your new consumers if you haven’t already or are looking for more advice.

1. Spread the Word

Increase your communication with current clients to remind them not to blow their entire holiday present budget on Black Friday! Encourage word-of-mouth among them and give them a discount for their loyalty. Here are some additional suggestions to assist you in increasing customer and prospect awareness.

  • Inform them that you will have a complete inventory of in-demand goods.
  • Promote your goods in tandem with those of other small enterprises.
  • Spend money on paid social media advertising.
  • Construct an email marketing campaign to promote Small Business Saturday.

2. Increase Store Hours

Because Small Business Saturday falls on a busy holiday weekend, make sure to open your store later to accommodate clients and potential consumers. Make sure to post signs indicating the new hours and inform your customers via all channels, including social media and email. They’ll be grateful for the warning.

3. Speak With Customers Directly

Local customers will make up the majority of the customers you see on Small Business Saturday. Sending unique offers and coupons to customers who reside nearby is a terrific approach to increase awareness.

Additionally, if you already have a mailing list, think about giving your most devoted clients who help you all year-long special offers and discounts.

4. Spend More Money on Advertising

Before Small Business Saturday, there are many different ways to advertise. Great solutions have been found that fit any budget. You can market using these effective strategies:

  • Billboards
  • Internet ads
  • Facebook campaigns

5. Newspaper Radio TV Provide Unique Discounts or Promotions

Everyone enjoys a good deal, and this includes your clients and potential clients. During the holidays, you can run limited-time sales and promotions or ones that are just available on Small Business Saturday.

If you’ve run special discounts and promotions, review the results to see what was successful and scale up that strategy. Additionally, make sure you monitor the results of your Small Business Saturday 2022 efforts to see what changes the game.

6. Participation With Reward

Offer your clients something unique that is so alluring that they are forced to stop by! There are several ways to reward customer engagement. Gifts with purchases over a specific amount, and giveaways. And word spreads quickly. Customers that see this as a tradition will be loyal to you.

7. Run Competitions

Contests generate interest and intrigue, particularly if you’re awarding a distinctive reward. Run competitions on Small Business Saturday or hint at a great prize that will be awarded after the Christmas shopping season.

Consult With Experts

These Small Business Saturday promotion ideas should be useful. The perfect Small Business Saturday plan will boost sales and aid in business expansion. You can achieve even more with the correct tax strategy and services. Call Your Part Time Accountant, to schedule a call and find out how our range of services can benefit you.