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Best Virtual and Remote Services for Your Small Business

It’s crucial to make sure that your clients continue to receive crucial support with remote and virtual bookkeeping services from your organization despite the current COVID-19 epidemic. Fortunately, there are safe and simple web-based software tools as well as administrative and clinical procedures that can guarantee that your services are still offered to individuals in need while ensuring the health and safety of your team.

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Our Virtual Services Can Simplify Your Life

Everyone now uses creative methods to do tasks, from shopping to getting around town. The quick development of digital technology makes it possible to supply virtual bookkeeping services remotely without compromising quality more and more often. We think that our remote and virtual alternatives are equivalent. We developed the option so you can access our knowledge electronically because of this.

By scheduling an initial consultation with a real professional who will analyze your condition and goals through video conference, you may take advantage of our virtual options. Your Part Time Accountant expert will arrange a video call with you to go over your materials once they have been prepared.

Delivering Integrated Remote Services

Utilizing telehealth and other remote service delivery techniques to give value even when you can’t meet with your clients in person is one way to ensure continuity of care for them.

For instance, you may organize online therapy sessions using a video conferencing tool. Your case management system should smoothly integrate remote features so you can keep entering and tracking client and service data the way you normally would. By doing this, you can keep your company’s one source of truth intact and prevent information silos from forming.

  • You can track case and session notes with the same accountability and clarity that you would for face-to-face meetings by integrating telehealth solutions with your case management system.
  • Online management of service and appointment requests with a client-centered and automated approach.
  • Keep your workers connected to the clinical and administrative activities of your company and safe.
  • Without being concerned about prices or travel time, expand the reach of your services to isolated and rural places.
  • Reduce the financial risks related to the current pandemic by continuing to bill your clients and having them securely pay for services by credit card or PayPal.

Automated Client Monitoring and Engagement Tools

It can be difficult to stay in contact with your clientele, especially those who are most in danger when you can’t see one other for weeks or even months at a time. By setting up automated processes, you may send out all the pre-and post-session paperwork you typically would, such as service planning documents and assessment tools, for clients to complete online at home. This guarantees uninterrupted service delivery to clients and enables you to carry out the vital work of giving them the care they require.

At a moment like this, it is also crucial to keep track of your client’s overall health and wellness. One way to do this is by sending them organized self-assessment tools regularly. For problematic cases to be automatically escalated within your organization by your policies and procedures, you should set up certain triggers and alerts inside your case management system based on client answers.

Utilizing cutting-edge automation features within your current system offers a low-cost and highly effective solution to stay on top of your client’s needs while making sure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Allowing your clients to communicate with their virtual bookkeeping service providers through encrypted messaging features is another approach to keep the patient-provider relationship strong during this time. In times of crisis and isolation, this can make clients feel more at ease and open up a new channel for engagement. Using the current case management system, your staff will be able to have clinical consultations with their clients as necessary by enabling this alternative mode of communication.

Have you missed the deadline? Whatever happens, we’ll be there for you. Your Part Time Accountant is the quickest way to be caught up and filed, reducing your late filing penalties to the bare minimum.

Employee Cooperation and Productivity

Your employees are equally distant and “remote” as your clients are during this time of social withdrawal. Because of this, it’s more crucial than ever to ensure that all members of your workforce—including full- and part-time employees as well as volunteer staff from various teams and departments—remain connected.

Using a secure SaaS solution that enables personnel to work online whenever and from anywhere and enables speedy sharing of crucial information is the best approach to keep everyone in the loop.

This can be accomplished with the aid of communication tools that are already included in your systems. Such as message capabilities, or ones that are hosted externally but are integrated with it, such as video conferencing solutions. In this time when everything seems chaotic and uncertain, video conferencing tools are especially helpful because they give staff an efficient way to continue care coordination, team meetings, case discussions, and other day-to-day operations. This helps to support as much business and routine continuity as possible.

Bonus points if your system can be configured to provide workflow alerts, notifications, and alerts so that staff members receive important information instantly, whether or not they are logged into the system. In situations like this, it’s critical to have immediate access to information that can be used to make quick decisions, transmit information securely, and is connected with your business operations and healthcare policies and procedures.

Managed Remotely From Beginning to End

Your company needs to have methods and procedures in place that allow it to adapt and change along with the world, which is changing quickly. Because your staff will be working remotely for the foreseeable future, having a single, easily accessible system to manage all of your services, and communications, and maintain client and staff connections is essential.

Despite these unexpected and uncertain conditions, your clients will continue to receive the care they require. The “new normal” includes offering remote and virtual bookkeeping services, and we have all you need to enable this mode of care delivery and make it a mainstay of your service pathway.

You need a better solution right away if your current system is unable to sustain virtual bookkeeping service delivery throughout this protracted time of social isolation.

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Remote Virtual Service Benefits

  • Enables effective technical support and service delivery for ships operating in locations where service engineers may have limited access.
  • Troubleshoot problems during fault discovery or maintenance, evaluate them and take quick action to fix them.
  • An effective response to downtime with the prompt delivery of expert support through the connection to the vessel
  • Simple to use application with a low bandwidth requirement that is appropriate for cellular or satellite connections.
  • Existing devices on board installations can be used because the software runs on smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart glasses.
  • Reduction in the cost and number of onboard service jobs
  • Improved preparation for service visits through real-time system status and diagnostics
  • Operations Support utilizing a virtual expert onboard during complicated operations
  • Periodic maintenance, health checks, and system optimization that is planned

By providing specialized support remotely, Your Part Time Accountant personnel are not required to board the ship!

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